A history-distorting submarine – caused a lot of drudgery in England

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In the evening on TV: A history-distorting submarine movie – caused a lot of trouble in England

The IMDb rating is 6.6.

Today we see an entertaining submarine movie on TV U-571 (2000).

In a war film set during World War II, a specially trained disguised American crew tries to take over a German U-571 submarine. The Americans take possession of the enigma device Enigma in the submarine.

The History Channel once made a critique of the film, in which a German submarine commander who served in World War II was interviewed. He was asked for his opinion on the truthfulness of the film, to which he replied succinctly: “They managed to get one thing right. There were German submarines on the Atlantic during World War II. ”

The film received a lot of criticism on its neck for distorting history. The British once got the Enigma device hijacked. The United States was not even involved in the war at the time. A mention of this had to be added at the end of the film as there was a big stir in Britain.

The film will be shown on TV5 at 9 p.m.

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