Derek Chauvin’s attorney files for new trial claiming jury misconduct

Derek Chauvin’s lawyer files motion asking for NEW trial citing jury misconduct after juror was pictured at BLM protest and lied about it

Derek Chauvin‘s attorney has filed a motion for a new trial on multiple grounds claiming ‘jury misconduct’ just two weeks after he was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

Attorney Eric Nelson wrote that an abuse of discretion ‘deprived [Chauvin] of a fair trial’ in the motion filed in Hennepin County District Court in Minnesota.

‘The Court abused its discretion when it denied Defendant’s motion for a change of venue … in violation of Mr. Chauvin’s constitutional rights to a due process and a fair trial,’ Nelson wrote.

The filing also comes after the revelation of a photo showing juror Brandon Mitchell at the March on Washington in August.

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