Kendall Jenner gives clapback over being ‘passed around’ by NBA players

Kendall Jenner is clapping back at a sexist jibe made at her expense on the Internet, and her Kardashian sisters are rightly cheering her on.  On Wednesday, the supermodel responded to a vulgar joke made about her on Twitter, that suggested she is used to being “passed around” by NBA players, referencing her track record … Read more

Apple and Google set to release two early versions of their contact tracing app to developers

Apple and Google begin testing COVID-tracking tech and are set to release first version to developers designing apps for public health agencies in weeks ahead Google and Apple are testing APIs that will support COVID-tracking apps  The companies plans to release preliminary APIs to developers this week  Those APIs will be used to develop tracking … Read more

Blueprint to get us back to work, but the PM warns that he won’t risk a second wave of coronavirus

A blueprint to get us back to work: Ministers are working on a series of restrictions to be brought in when lockdown eases… but Boris Johnson will warn the public that he will not risk a second wave of coronavirus by relaxing the rules too soon Prime Minister is expected to set out latest thinking … Read more

HENRY DEEDES: Keir Starmer’s tribute was surprisingly decent… then he started babbling on

Rarely do tributes between political opponents extend beyond leaden platitudes.  Before yesterday, the most sincere words of support I’ve heard between party leaders came after David Cameron’s son Ivan died aged six, prompting Gordon Brown to address the House.  Watching the hitherto emotionally impregnable Brown, whose own daughter died as a baby, shattered with grief … Read more

Britney Spears burns down her home gym after an accident with two candles

Oops… I burned down my gym: Britney Spears reveals how she SCORCHED home exercise room after having an accident with two candles By George Stark For Published: 23:07 BST, 29 April 2020 | Updated: 00:08 BST, 30 April 2020 Britney Spears has revealed that she burned down her home gym after having an accident … Read more

‘How To Murder Your Husband’ author accused of killing spouse to get a $1.1million insurance payout

A romance mystery novelist is accused of killing her culinary instructor husband to get access to more than $1.1million in insurance payments, according to court documents which were filed in opposition to a request seeking her release of from prison due to coronavirus fears. Nancy Crampton Brophy, 69, has been behind bars since September 2018 after … Read more

Scammers use Facebook and Instagram to market stolen personal details, consumer group Which? Reveals

Scammers are left to ‘run riot’ on social media and are using sites including Facebook and Instagram to market stolen personal details, a probe by consumer group Which? Reveals Which? found 50 discoverable profiles and groups advertising stolen identities The stolen information is used by fraudsters for blackmail and identity scams  One Facebook post showed … Read more