Elon Musk shares incredible image of the fuel lines in SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted an image of the Raptor Engine system part of the Super Heavy booster that will eventually power its massive Starship vehicle into orbit – and it looks like something out of Star Wars. The photograph highlights a maze of connecting fuel lines that one Twitter user suggests looks like Sarlacc … Read more

Alien abductions could be result of ‘lucid dreaming,’ study says

Three-quarters of ‘lucid dreamers’ say they have had alien and UFO encounters in their sleep Alien abduction stories and UFO encounters could be due to ‘lucid dreaming’   114 of 152 participants say they had an alien and UFO encounter after one or more attempts to have lucid dreams 61% say they ‘encountered alien-like creatures, … Read more