Germany ‘needs a lockdown’ and may have to bring in curfews to curb virus health minister warns 

Germany needs to implement nationwide measures to break the current wave of coronavirus infections as quickly as possible, its health minister said on Friday. ‘We need a lockdown,’ Jens Spahn told journalists in a news conference, adding that nighttime curfews may be necessary to further reduce social contacts. He said that there were currently nearly … Read more

Angela Merkel calls for national lockdown to curb Germany’s coronavirus crisis 

Angela Merkel calls for national lockdown to curb Germany’s coronavirus crisis Angela Merkel today backed regional leaders’ calls for short, sharp lockdown  Comes amid third wave with Germany battling average of 15,000 cases per day  ‘Every call for a short, uniform lockdown is right,’ Merkel’s spokeswoman said She added that the country was struggling with … Read more

Ursula von der Leyen ‘refused to sign’ world leaders’ pandemic plea

J. V. Bainimarama, prime minister of Fiji Antonio Luis Santos da Costa, prime minister of Portugal Klaus Iohannis, president of Romania Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister,  Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda Uhuru Kenyatta, president of Kenya Emmanuel Macron, president of France Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany Charles Michel, president of the European Council Kyriakos Mitsotakis, … Read more

Johnson, Merkel and Macron, among others, declare world needs a post-Covid treaty

Boris Johnson and other world leaders have called for a global treaty in response to Covid – similar to that agreed after the Second World War. In the face of vaccine nationalism and clashes between countries, the Prime Minister, French president Emmanuel Macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel – among others – warned against isolationism. … Read more

Covid Germany: Angela Merkel blames ‘perfectionism’ for chaotic vaccine roll-out

Angela Merkel has blamed German ‘perfectionism’ for the country’s current coronavirus chaos with vaccine doses going unused and patchy lockdown rules failing to rein in the third wave.  The long-serving chancellor called for more ‘flexibility’ as she acknowledged flaws in a bureaucratic vaccine roll-out which has seen only 10 per cent of the population get … Read more

Red tape farce of German vaccination roll-out as it emerges 80-year-olds have to fill in TEN forms

The vaccine roll-out in Germany has descended into chaos as it emerged that 80-year-olds have to fill in ten forms just to get the jab. Angela Merkel‘s coalition government is facing increasing criticism over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic with its vaccination programme now faltering. Europe’s largest economy appears to be lagging behind with … Read more

Anger at Merkel prompts calls for term limits in Germany

Dismay at Angela Merkel‘s handling of Covid-19 has prompted calls for a limit on how long German chancellors can stay in power.  Merkel has served four terms in office since 2005, working with five different UK prime ministers from Blair to Johnson and four US presidents from Bush to Biden.  But Germany‘s chaotic handling of … Read more

PROFESSOR BRENDAN WREN: Britain cannot be held to ransom by the vaccine refuseniks

For a man who has set so much store throughout his political career on boosterism, Boris Johnson has been notably pessimistic about our emergence from the shadow of Covid. On Monday, he dramatically warned that a third wave of coronavirus will ‘wash up on our shores’ from Europe. It is certainly true that the news … Read more

Angela Merkel colleague collapses and dies next to her husband on a flight from Cuba to Germany 

Colleague of Angela Merkel, 53, collapses and dies next to her husband on a flight from Cuba to Germany Karin Strenz, 53, was pronounced dead at hospital after collapsing on a flight The plane made an emergency landing at Shannon Airport, Ireland, at 7:30am Strenz was under investigation over alleged money transfers from Azerbaijan By … Read more