Twin girls with rare blood-sharing disorder in the womb are thriving

California schoolteacher Brittany Bruley was elated when she discovered she was expecting her first child earlier this year – and shocked a few weeks later at Easter time when an ultrasound revealed she was carrying twins.  Multiples don’t run in either her family or her husband’s, and the babies were conceived naturally. She waited until … Read more

Breathing in wildfire smoke could increase the risk of chronic conditions and even cancer

The California wildfire season has had an awful start this year, scorching hundreds of thousands of acres, fueled by the Santa Ana winds. These fires, which typically begin in September, spring up in hot and dry conditions that make it easy for the flames to spread and, in turn, make the blazes difficult to extinguish.   … Read more

Family sues 2 California OBGYNs who sent pregnant woman home with dangerously high blood pressure

The family of a 23-year-old pregnant woman who died after signs of dangerously high blood pressure were ignored is suing the two OBGYNs who treated her.  Demi Dominguez, of Bakersfield, California, went to Mercy Hospital on April 15 with swelling and high blood pressure, reported 23ABC. She was kept overnight for observation but was sent … Read more

Legal marijuana reduces chronic pain but increases car crashes and drug overdoses, study suggests

After marijuana is legalized in a state, fewer people seek chronic pain diagnoses and treatment, but more wind up in hospitals being treated for car crash injuries, overdoses or alcohol poisoning, according to a new study.  Marijuana is now legal in the majority of US states and many see it as a win, offering better … Read more

£350million superyacht by Kurt Strand has a waterfall and a wave pool you can SURF in

Swell! New £350million superyacht has a bowling alley, a waterfall and a wave pool you can SURF in The California yacht, which has been designed by Norwegian-based Kurt Strand, will be 135 metres long The 8,000 tonne vessel will have a top speed of 20 knots and has been designed with three swimming pools The … Read more

Prisoners implanted with unapproved addiction treatment ‘pellet’

A Louisiana prisoner has been implanted with an unapproved ‘pellet’ to treat addiction.  The inmate is soon to be released from a Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC) facility and is the first of 10 patients that California-based BioCorRx intends to place the implant in.  DOC doctors are surgically implanting devices that release naltrexone – an … Read more

Gee, Napa’s got bottle! Six months after the fires, it’s business as usual for its sunny wineries

The town of Paradise in California‘s Butte County was all but completely wiped out as the state endured its worst-ever wildfires in September last year. But they are nothing if not resilient, these Californians, and the message in Butte and the grape-growing territory heading south-west to Napa Valley is that it’s business as usual. This … Read more