Chinese city of Dunhuang vanishes as it is swallowed by gigantic wall of sand hundreds of feet high

The vanishing city! Dunhuang in China ‘disappears’ as it is swallowed by gigantic wall of sand more than 300 feet high The ancient city of Dunhuang was engulfed by an enormous wall of sand Sunday Footage shows high rise buildings disappearing beneath the cloud of dust  Police were forced to shut down major roads and … Read more

US water polo captain Maggie Steffens returns from bloody cut on nose in dramatic win over China

A deep, bloody facial cut wasn’t enough to keep United States water polo captain Maggie Steffens out of the pool as the two-time Olympic gold medalist returned for a dramatic, 12-7, comeback win over China in Olympic group play.     In all, nine US players scored, including Steffens, who caught a blow to the face early … Read more

Inserting gene from an animal made potato, rice crops 50 percent bigger and more drought-resistant

Introducing animal genes into common crops has enabled scientists to massively increase their yield and make them more resistant to drought, according to a new study. A consortium of researchers from the US and China manipulated the ribonucleic acid, or RNA, of potato and rice plants by adding a gene called FTO. In humans, FTO has been … Read more

Electric vehicles release fewer greenhouse gases even charged on grid using ‘dirty’ power like coal

Although electric vehicles are garnering significant attention, critics question whether they’re much better for the environment than gas guzzlers—especially if they’re charged from a ‘dirty’ grid that relies on coal or other non-renewable sources. However, a new report from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) indicates that EVs release fewer greenhouse gases over their … Read more

Elon Musk says Tesla will eventually allow car buyers to pay in Bitcoin again

After pausing purchases with Bitcoin earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk reiterated on Wednesday that the electric vehicle maker may start allowing car buyers to pay with the cryptocurrency once the tech exec is more comfortable with its energy usage. ‘It looks like Bitcoin is shifting a lot more toward renewables and a bunch … Read more

China unveils ‘world’s fastest’ high-speed train capable of travelling more than 370 miles per hour 

China has unveiled what it hopes to be the fastest train in the world with a top speed of more than 370 miles per hour.  The new train, self-developed by China and manufactured in the coastal city of Qingdao, uses maglev technology which allows it to travel so quickly.  Using electro-magnetic force, the maglev train … Read more

Britain will defy Beijing by sailing warships through disputed waters in South China Sea

Britain will sail an aircraft carrier taskforce through disputed international waters in the South China Sea in a direct challenge to Beijing, the Defence Secretary has revealed. Ben Wallace confirmed that HMS Queen Elizabeth and her escort fleet will transit international waters claimed by China next month, saying Britain had a had a ‘duty’ to insist … Read more

Chinese officials repost threat to NUKE Japan amid tensions over Taiwan

Chinese officials have reposted a video calling on Japan to be relentlessly nuked if it intervenes militarily in Taiwan. The footage – originally created by a military comment channel on Xigua, China‘s equivalent of YouTube – calls for Japan to be bombed into submission if it sends ‘even one troop’ into Taiwan. It was first posted … Read more

Father reunited with son abducted 24 YEARS ago after travelling 300,000 miles around China in search

Father is reunited with son who was abducted 24 YEARS ago aged two after travelling more than 300,000 miles around China searching for him Guo Gangtang’s son was abducted outside his home in Shandong in 1997 The two-year-old was sold into adoption and grew up in Henan province Mr Guo spent his life savings and … Read more