Beauty salon develops first microchip manicure

Is this the future of contactless payments? Microchip glued onto your NAIL stores a digital business card to make networking easier – and its creator hopes to make it work for bank transfers Lanour Beauty Lounge in Dubai has developed a smart manicure for customers Founder Nour Makarem created the concept to support social distancing She … Read more

Pfizer hits out at Biden administration over vaccine patent waivers

The scientist who developed Pfizer‘s COVID-19 vaccine has hit out at the Biden administration’s support for waiving intellectual property protections for coronavirus shots.  Suspending patent enforcement for vaccines ‘will not increase the number of doses we will have available within the next 12 months,’ Dr Özlem Türeci, Chief Medical Officer at Pfizer partner BioNTech, told … Read more

DAN WOOTTON: Has Meghan got to CNN? Network tries to conceal critical Sussexes report

CNN‘s coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey was largely taken from the left-leaning broadcaster’s usual woke playbook. There was much praise of the couple for sharing their ‘truth’, with little critical analysis of whether the former royal couple’s accusations were rooted in reality. But there was one honourable exception. A … Read more

Hillary Clinton warns of ‘huge consequences’ from Biden’s decision to pull troops from Afghanistan

Hillary Clinton has warned the US will face ‘huge consequences’ from President Joe Biden‘s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.   The former secretary of state voiced her disapproval publicly for the first time in an interview with CNN on Sunday as violence erupted immediately after the US formally launched its withdrawal of 2,500 troops and … Read more

TSA will require masks on planes, buses and trains through September 13

Americans will have to keep wearing masks on all public transit including planes, trains and buses, the federal Transportation Security Authority (TSA) announced Friday.  The prior mandate, which applies to all public transportation, was set to expire in May.  Last week, officials said they were debating whether or not to reinstate a mask mandate on … Read more

Moderna to ship larger vials of its Covid-19 vaccine to state health departments by late May

Moderna will start shipping its bigger vaccine vials that contain 15 doses instead of 10 by late MAY Moderna Inc is manufacturing a larger vial of its COVID-19 vaccine that can hold 15 doses instead of the standard 10 doses  The firm said it wanted to increase the number of doses that clinicians could get … Read more

Kim Kardashian goes incognito in blonde wig and cap amid rumours she’s dating CNN’s Van Jones

Kim Kardashian shared snaps of herself going incognito in a platinum blonde wig, amid rumours that she’s dating CNN reporter Van Jones. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who filed for divorce from husband Kanye West two months ago, took to Instagram to share the snaps – as part of a campaign for her SKIMS … Read more

Kim Kardashian and CNN reporter Van Jones at the center of fresh dating rumors

Kim Kardashian and CNN reporter Van Jones at the center of fresh dating rumors amid her ongoing divorce from Kanye West By Deirdre Simonds For Published: 17:31 BST, 26 April 2021 | Updated: 17:41 BST, 26 April 2021 Kim Kardashian and CNN reporter Van Jones are at the center of dating rumors, just two months … Read more

Kamala Harris faces criticism for CNN social distancing

Vice President Kamala Harris has faced criticism for what people have said is extreme social distancing during a sit down CNN interview.  Harris and host Dana Bash appeared to be seated well over six feet apart during the interview on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday.   Viewers were quick to point out the large distance … Read more

TSA is debating whether to extend mask mandate on public transportation

TSA is debating whether to extend mask mandate on planes, buses and other public transportation before rule ends next month An official told CNN that the TSA is consulting experts on whether to extend the federal mask  mandate for public transit  The three-month Biden administration order was issued in February and is set to expire next … Read more