BBC makes apology to Sir James Dyson for saying he was a ‘prominent Conservative supporter’

The BBC has today made a grovelling apology to Sir James Dyson for incorrectly labelling him a ‘prominent Conservative supporter’. The broadcaster made the erroneous claim within its report of tax texts sent between the billionaire British investor and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It attempted to support the claim that Sir James was a Tory-backer … Read more

Boris Johnson mocks Keir Starmer’s bungled reshuffle of Labour front bench in Commons clash

Boris Johnson mocked Sir Keir Starmer over his bungled reshuffle today – as the Labour leader faced another blow with the resignation of a close aide. The PM jibed that Sir Keir was just making Ms Rayner ‘hungrier’ for power after he tried to sack her in the wake of the Super Thursday disaster – … Read more

Tory war on ‘cancel culture’: Speakers no-platformed by universities can seek compensation

Tory war on ‘cancel culture’: People denied a platform by universities will be able to seek compensation in the courts under government plans designed to make campuses places where ‘freedom of speech can thrive’ The Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill will aim to end the so-called ‘no platforming’ of speakers and academics on campuses  … Read more

Boris’s ‘rocket fuel’ Queen’s Speech for the Blue Wall

Boris Johnson left No10 for Parliament today as he plans to heap pressure on stricken Keir Starmer with a Queen’s Speech aiming to ‘level up’ jobs and investment in former Labour heartlands. The PM will try to cement his new ‘Blue Wall’ vowing people will no longer have to move to London for decent work, and … Read more

Boris Johnson promises to bring in laws to boost education chances after local elections victory

‘Rocket fuel’ to fire up Britain: After his election victory, Boris Johnson promises to bring in laws to boost education chances and help ‘level up’ the nation Plans to give every adult access to loans to fund college courses and training The PM wants ‘lifetime skills guarantee’ to help people upgrade qualifications  Is one of … Read more

Tory MP Richard Holden fined £100 for littering after dropping cigarette butt outside election count

No smoke without fine! Tory MP Richard Holden is hit with £100 penalty notice for littering after dropping cigarette butt outside North-West Durham election count Richard Holden was hit with the charge in his constituency in County Durham He has previously posted images of himself on social media litter picking The MP was given ten … Read more

DOMINIC LAWSON: Under Labour, unions would have jumped the vaccine queue – voters preferred fairness

There’s no gratitude in politics, they say. But this aphorism appears to have been refuted in last week’s multiple elections. The Conservatives in England, the SNP in Scotland and Labour in Wales: all were rewarded. The point is that in each of our nations, the leaders of these (governing) parties were fronting up the Covid … Read more

Diane Abbott demands Keir Starmer returns to ‘popular’ hard-Left policies

Diane Abbott today demanded Keir Starmer returns to the ‘popular’ Socialist policies from the Jeremy Corbyn era as Labour plunged further into civil war. The former shadow home secretary lashed out at Sir Keir as she insisted Mr Corbyn only led the party to its worst general election defeat since 1935 due to an ‘extraordinary … Read more

Keir Starmer drafts in New Labour pollster amid civil war

Desperate Keir Starmer has drafted in a New Labour pollster as his strategy chief as he faces civil war after the disastrous Super Thursday elections. Deborah Mattinson, a key adviser to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, has been appointed to the critical role as Sir Keir tries to rebuild his shattered leadership – including dropping … Read more

Victory in Aberdeen West where the Royals holiday at Balmoral stops SNP majority

Wealthy Tories with the Queen as a neighbour save the Union… for now: Victory in Aberdeen West where the Royals holiday at Balmoral stops SNP majority Aberdeenshire West is the constituency that takes in the Queen’s Highland home Win would have given Sturgeon firm moral mandate to hold repeat of the indyref But the SNP … Read more