England’s Covid outbreak is STILL shrinking, official statistics reveal

England’s coronavirus outbreak is still fizzling out in the wake of a successful vaccination drive, a raft of official statistics revealed today. Public Health England data shows the proportion of tests coming back positive has now slumped to record lows, with fewer than one in 500 swabs picking up the disease in parts of the … Read more

US spies still do not know ‘where, when or how’ Covid was first transmitted in China

Director of National Intelligence said on Wednesday that U.S. intelligence agencies do not know exactly when or how COVID-19 was initially transmitted. ‘It is absolutely accurate that the intelligence community does not know exactly where, when or how the COVID-19 virus was transmitted initially,’ Avril Haines told a Senate hearing. She noted two theories, that … Read more

Fury at seven-hour Heathrow queues as Border Force staff say they’re STILL working in bubbles

Boris Johnson was today urged to end the ‘moral outrage’ of long queues at Heathrow after a passenger collapsed while waiting seven hours in passport control where it is taking approaching an hour for each person with incomplete forms to be processed, MailOnline can reveal today.  The Home Office has insisted that it has the … Read more

Coronavirus: Study finds CVST blood clot risk is 10 times higher after Covid than after vaccination

You’re 10 TIMES more likely to get a CVST brain blood clot after Covid than after a vaccine, Oxford study finds – with even the risk after infection only one in 26,000 Study used US data to work out rate of CVST after Covid-19 diagnosis Regulators have been disturbed by reports of the rare clots … Read more

Covid-19 denier dies from coronavirus after hosting illegal gatherings in Norway 

Covid-19 denier dies from the virus after hosting illegal gatherings in Norway Hans Kristian Gaarder, 60, died on April 6 in Gran shortly after hosting two illegal events at his property A postmortem revealed the prominent conspiracy theorist had died from coronavirus, which he regularly and falsely compared to a cold in online posts Local … Read more

Vaccines not lockdown to blame for rapid drop in cases, top scientist says

Vaccines not lockdown are to blame for rapid drop in cases and herd immunity is now starting to take effect, top scientist says as data shows number of people getting ill every day fell 17% last week Professor Tim Spector, from King’s College London, said crisis ‘mainly’ squashed by ‘exemplar’ jab rollout His study of more … Read more

You’re close enough to catch Covid from someone else if you can smell their breath, expert says

Dr Julian Tang, a virologist, said if you can smell someone’s breath you are too close Britons should use the ‘garlic-breath distance’ measurement to work out whether they are at risk of catching coronavirus, an expert said today. Dr Julian Tang, a virologist at Leicester University, warned people were standing close enough for the virus … Read more

Are you a carer missing out on valuable state pension credits?

The number of carers who claimed valuable credits towards their state pension slumped by nearly 20 per cent last year, new figures reveal. This is despite experts believing many more people are likely to be carrying out caring duties for loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic.  Just 5,209 people claimed carer’s credits towards their state … Read more

Covid crisis Canada: Justin Trudeau claims Britain is facing a ‘very serious’ THIRD wave

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has baselessly claimed that Britain is facing a ‘very serious third wave’ of coronavirus cases despite his own country suffering with the pandemic, having recently overtaken the US for the first time on virus cases per capita. Cases in the North American country, which was praised by pundits for its … Read more

Passenger collapses at Heathrow airport ‘after waiting in seven-hour queue’

A passenger collapsed at Heathrow Airport following a ‘seven-hour wait’ as travellers are forced to queue up due to coronavirus checks at the border, it has been claimed. Around 800 border staff are working at Heathrow and that all are currently in work subject to the normal reasons for absence, according to the Immigration Services … Read more