Fixed-rate savings accounts continue to fall thanks to coronavirus

Bonfire of fixed-rate savings accounts: Best buy offers up in smoke as providers blame coronavirus for pulling deals Some 62 one, two, three and five-year fixed-rate deals have gone since March Savings rates have continued to slide since the coronavirus hit Britain Challenger bank Aldermore pulled all its non-easy-access deals from sale It said the … Read more

Small firms still waiting for Barclays coronavirus loan payout

Barclays’ coronavirus lending meltdown continues into a second week, leaving cash-strapped businesses in despair By Lucy White For The Daily Mail Published: 22:17 BST, 11 May 2020 | Updated: 08:36 BST, 12 May 2020 Barclays’ coronavirus lending meltdown has continued into its second week, leaving cash-strapped customers in despair.  A week after the launch of … Read more

Is it too soon to back small caps in the coronavirus crisis?

Fortune favoured smaller companies at last in April, as funds and investment trusts holding them bounced back after a torrid time. Their rebound came after smaller companies were battered by the coronavirus stock market storms in February and March, falling harder and faster than shares in larger firms. Smaller companies are known to shine in … Read more

‘When can I reopen my shop?’ Small retailers questions answered

As some large retailers begin reopening stores ahead of a moderate relaxation of lockdown rules, it’s fair to say things are looking a bit brighter for businesses. But small retailers and independent stores lack the big budgets, sizeable staff and space that giant chains have and many are wondering how they can prepare to reopen … Read more

Nearly EVERYONE who recovers from coronavirus develops antibodies to it, study finds

Nearly EVERYONE who recovers from coronavirus develops antibodies to it: 95% of patients had the immune cells within 3 weeks, Chinese study finds Chinese researchers studied blood from 285 coronavirus patients  Within the first week after diagnosis, 40% developed short-term antibodies, and 95% had them within two weeks  All of the patients developed longer term antibodies … Read more

US coronavirus crisis could be over by the end of JULY, experts predict

America’s coronavirus crisis could be over by the end of July, a new model predicts.  It comes as several states – including New York, which has become both the national and international epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic – begin to gradually reopen.  Collaborating Researchers at the University of Texas at Houston and Fudan University in … Read more

Two thirds of people who test positive for coronavirus lost their sense of smell

More than 65 percent of people who test positive for coronavirus report losing their sense of smell or taste, a new study finds.  The symptom, which was only recently added to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) list of signs of the infection, was only reported by 22 percent of those who tested … Read more