From the Antarctic to Rwanda: Honeymoons that will make the start of marriage a real adventure 

Now this is how to kick-start a marriage. Forget a bland spa hotel by a big golf course, plump instead for something with the distinct whiff of adventure about it.  From an icebreaker odyssey in the Antarctic via the Falkland Islands to tracking gorillas in Rwanda, these are honeymoons with a pleasing difference.  Feeling hot … Read more

Couple who are pregnant 4 months after their first baby was stillborn share their journey

Amanda and Mitch Feltmann knew their first child was struggling in the womb.  Their 20-week scan showed she was underweight, and by week 26 they confirmed she had intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), a poor growth caused by placental insufficiency.  They held out hope, but a day before Amanda’s scheduled induction, in September 2018, her waters broke, … Read more

Arnhem’s rise from the ruins… by author Antony Beevor, who made it the subject of his latest book 

British infantry in Arnhem The Dutch and the British have a long tradition of both rivalry and friendship, yet it is striking how little we know of their country beyond Amsterdam. The Netherlands, situated right in ‘the cockpit of Europe’, is rich in history for visitors looking for more than just a gentle break among … Read more

Trump’s new plan to import cheaper drugs from abroad already FAILED in Massachusetts

On Thursday, President Trump insinuated that he would throw his weight behind the Florida governor’s proposed plan to help keep drug prices lower by importing medications from other countries.  It might be good for prices, but with recent reports of fake foreign drugs and widespread contamination in blockbuster medications manufactured abroad, it’s not clear the … Read more

Taking the controls in a British Airways A350 simulator at BA’s Flight Training Centre near Heathrow

Gulp. Captain Mike Blythe, British Airways Flight Technical and Training Manager for the Airbus A380 and A350 is sitting next to me. ‘Take a deep breath,’ he says. Why? Because I’m about to take a British Airways Airbus A350 down one of London Heathrow’s runways and take-off for the very first time. Ted prepares to … Read more

Rotterdam for under £100 a night!

Windmills and tulips are thin on the ground in Rotterdam, one of the most relentlessly forward-looking cities in Europe.  Much of the centre, devastated during World War II, has a retro-futurist look with striking Sixties architecture.  Now Eurostar offers direct trains from London St Pancras — a journey of barely three hours — it’s high … Read more