Save our summer holidays! The Government MUST step in and help end the uncertainty for customers 

Nothing quite compares with the expectation of a forth- coming holiday. Whether it’s a short UK getaway or a trip halfway across the world, the very thought of new surroundings and a changed routine — preferably under sunny skies — never fails to raise spirits. Encouraged by glossy adverts, millions of us usually plan our … Read more

HENRY DEEDES: Keir Starmer’s tribute was surprisingly decent… then he started babbling on

Rarely do tributes between political opponents extend beyond leaden platitudes.  Before yesterday, the most sincere words of support I’ve heard between party leaders came after David Cameron’s son Ivan died aged six, prompting Gordon Brown to address the House.  Watching the hitherto emotionally impregnable Brown, whose own daughter died as a baby, shattered with grief … Read more

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Failure to protect valiant NHS staff is a tragedy. Now we can ALL do our bit 

The primary role of the free Press has always been to hold the mighty to account. To fight injustice, to ask searching questions of the rich and powerful, and to represent the interests of ordinary families when the State becomes oppressive or overweening. But there are times when words alone are not enough. We have … Read more

Professor RUSSELL VINER says it’s ‘incredibly unlikely’ there’s a new Covid-19 strain targeting kids

It’s a mystery… but let’s not panic just yet: Emergence of a new strain of coronavirus that targets children is ‘incredibly unlikely’, writes Professor RUSSELL VINER By Professor Russell Viner For The Daily Mail Published: 22:13 BST, 28 April 2020 | Updated: 22:31 BST, 28 April 2020 The first thing I want to stress about … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: How tragic if new, sober Boris Johnson is now too cautious to make tough decisions

Many people will have been uplifted by Boris Johnson’s stirring speech yesterday outside No 10. He provided the leadership that has inevitably been lacking in recent weeks. But it was not exactly the same old Boris. He looked a little pasty and drawn, which is hardly surprising. He also seemed, if not exactly short of … Read more

ANDREW PIERCE: Spare us your winks and get a grip, Becky! 

ANDREW PIERCE: Spare us your winks and get a grip, Becky! By Andrew Pierce for the Daily Mail Published: 01:53 BST, 27 April 2020 | Updated: 01:55 BST, 27 April 2020 Sir Keir Starmer managed to find a place in his Shadow Cabinet for onetime ‘Continuity Corbyn’ candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey — whom he trounced in … Read more

Phones 4U founder JOHN CAUDWELL: My plan to get us all out of lockdown and back to work

Like many people, I am delighted that Boris Johnson is back in Downing Street today.  The Government and the country urgently need his authority to tackle the worst crisis in public finances that Britain has ever faced. The lockdown has gripped our economy in a deadly embrace – one from which it may never fully … Read more

DEFENCE COMMITTEE CHAIR TOBIAS ELLWOOD: The global race for a vaccine will turn nasty

It is a race in which the prize could hardly be greater – the dash to find a vaccine. There will be no true exit from the coronavirus disaster without one. The runners and riders include such familiar names as GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Imperial College and Oxford University’s Jenner Institute. There has been … Read more

DAN HODGES: The inconvenient truth for Boris’s critics is that he did follow the science

When the coronavirus crisis began, Boris Johnson and his Ministers wanted to follow the science.  But thanks to the paranoia and false pride of the Chinese government, there was precious little science to follow.  ‘We found it very difficult to get any hard information out of China at the beginning,’ a Minister told me.  ‘When … Read more