PATRICK JEPHSON urges Harry and Meghan to give up their ‘celebrity lives’ 

Viewers of a solidly unflashy American TV business show might have thought they’d tuned in to the wrong channel last Friday. With a straight face, the anchor reported that bookmakers were offering odds of 100-1 that Meghan Markle would be elected US President in 2024. Perhaps the item was intended as light relief amid the … Read more

DAVID DAVIS: If Australia lets families see each other in the coronavirus lockdown, why can’t we?

When challenged on the decisions that they have taken in the past few months, ministers invariably answer: ‘All our decisions are based on the science’. That makes it sound as though the decisions are based on black and white facts, but they are not. For our scientists are working in a fast-changing environment, where at … Read more

If this goes on for six months, 50,000 more people could die of cancer

When this pandemic emerged, Government ministers were understandably fearful that the NHS could be overwhelmed by the sheer number of infected patients. But in the weeks since the Prime Minister made his first sombre statement to the nation on the threat posed by coronavirus, this rational concern has morphed into an all-consuming tunnel vision about … Read more