Fauci says people are ‘misinterpreting’ mask rules

 Americans are ‘misinterpreting’ the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest mask guidelines, Dr Anthony Fauci says.  ‘I think people are misinterpreting, thinking that this is a removal of a mask mandate for everyone. It’s not,’ Fauci told Axios ahead of a virtual event.  ‘It’s an assurance to those who are vaccinated that they … Read more

Both Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines work against the Indian variant, Dr Fauci reveals

COVID-19 vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna work against the variant that emerged in India – known as B.1.617 – and drove its catastrophic recent surge, according to a new study from New York University.   Both of the mRNA vaccines will neutralize the variant’s spike protein, the infectious surface part of the virus that lets … Read more

Dr Fauci says he’s ‘not so sure’ US schools should require children to get COVID-19 vaccine

Dr Anthony Fauci say he is not sure if US schools should require children to get the COVID=19 vaccine before they return for in-person learning. The nation’s top infectious disease expert said parents should be encouraged to get their children immunized, especially on the heels of news that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s … Read more

Fauci FINALLY says fully vaccinated people can ditch masks outside 

Dr Anthony Fauci has finally said that fully vaccinated Americans can ditch their masks outdoors – more than two weeks after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it was safe.  ‘If you are vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask outside,’ the top U.S. infectious disease expert told CBS This Morning … Read more

Dr Fauci predicts a ‘significant drop’ in Covid cases as US nears 40% of its population vaccinated

Dr Anthony Fauci is finally giving Americans some good news. America’s top infectious disease doctor predicts a ‘a real change, the start of a precipitous drop’ in new daily COVID-19 infections now that the share of U.S. adults vaccinated against the virus is nearly 40 percent.  ‘When you do that, that’s when people are going … Read more

Nearly all children will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines by the first quarter of 2022, Fauci says 

Nearly all US children will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines by the first quarter of 2022, Dr Fauci predicts Dr Anthony Fauci said he believes that nearly all children in the U.S. will be able to receive COVID-19 vaccines by 2022 He added that he thinks vaccines will be available earlier for high schoolers, who … Read more

Dr Antony Fauci claims US may not need AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine

Dr Anthony Fauci today claimed the US may never need to use AstraZeneca‘s Covid vaccine. America’s top infectious disease expert said his country has already bought enough alternative jabs to inoculate all 330million people in the US.  He said this was not a ‘negative indictment’ of the Oxford University-developed jab, adding that it was ‘really quite good’. But … Read more

Fauci says Covid cases ‘are at a disturbing level’ and are set to surge

Dr Anthony Fauci warned that the number of new coronavirus cases recorded every day has flattened at a ‘disturbingly high level.’ On Wednesday, the country reported 75,038 infections with a seven-day rolling average of 65,882, marking the 13th day in a row that the average has topped 60,000, according to a DailyMail.com analysis of Johns … Read more

Fauci: One-dose vaccination could be ‘tenuous’ protection against variants

Dr Fauci warns that delaying second doses of Covid vaccines would give only ‘tenuous’ protection against variants that may weaken the shots  UK health officials allow second doses to be delayed up to 12 weeks Dr Fauci has stood against this strategy in the U.S., buy Monday said there is not a ‘right or wrong’ … Read more