Lithuania tells citizens to ditch Chinese phones after report finds built-in censorship capabilities

Lithuania tells its citizens to throw away their Chinese mobile phones after report found devices had built-in censorship capabilities Cybersecurity body report found Xiaomi devices could detect and censor terms ‘Free Tibet’, ‘Long live Taiwan independence’ or ‘democracy movement’ among terms included in the feature, which was turned off for EU region However, it could … Read more

DUP leader threatens to stop NI goods checks in protocol row

DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson threatens to stop all goods checks in Northern Ireland if Boris Johnson does not hold firm in protocol row with EU DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson threatening to stop all checks on goods into NI  The UK wants the EU to agree to rewrite parts of Brexit protocol agreed in 2019  But … Read more

Boris Johnson warns EU to ‘look seriously’ at UK demands for changes to Northern Ireland Protocol

Boris Johnson warns EU’s Von Der Leyen to ‘look seriously’ at UK demands for changes to post-Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol to ease social and economic strife – as Cabinet minister claims agreement was always meant to be temporary and ‘flexible’ The Prime Minister spoke with European Commission president today  UK wants the EU to agree … Read more

ROBERT COLLS: What English flag-waving tells Europeans baffled by Brexit 

There’s a beautiful moral simplicity about sporting contests. Win or lose. In or out. So how nice it is that England, which voted in 2016 to leave the European Union, has done so well in a competition that’s called Euro 2020. After the Brexit vote, the outgoing EU Council president Donald Tusk warned that this … Read more

Britain’s Brexit divorce bill REVEALED: UK must pay the EU £40.8BILLION

Britain and the European Union were locked in a dispute last night over the size of London’s final Brexit divorce bill as official accounts filed in Brussels showed that UK taxpayers must pay more than £40billion to leave the bloc – nearly £2billion more than previously forecast. The British Office for Budget Responsibility had previously estimated that … Read more

Banksy is stripped of trademarks to ‘Radar Rat’ and ‘Girl with Umbrella’ artworks

Banksy has been stripped of two more trademarks for his works because he never intended to commercialise them when he applied for the legal protection, it has been revealed. The latest rulings, which relate to Radar Rat and Girl with Umbrella, mean he has now lost four trademarks in total. The anonymous street artist, who … Read more

EU ‘will agree to three month extension’ on Northern Ireland Brexit protocol

The EU looks set to cool the bitter Brexit standoff over sausage exports from Britain to Northern Ireland by agreeing a three month extension to the grace period. In a potential breakthrough in the row, Brussels has signalled it is open to the UK’s request to keep transition arrangements on chilled meat sales until the … Read more

Boris Johnson and Australian counterpart Scott Morrison ‘agree trade deal between the two countries’

Boris Johnson and Australian counterpart Scott Morrison ‘agree trade deal between the two countries during Downing Street dinner’ – the first negotiated from scratch post-Brexit Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison agreed trade deal Two leaders have agreed broad terms of pact over dinner in Downing Street  could be first trade deal negotiated … Read more

Boris Johnson backs tariff-free access to UK food markets for Australia

Boris Johnson is willing to provide Australia tariff-free access to UK food markets despite fears it could ‘decimate’ the rural economy. Farmers launched a furious backlash yesterday against the proposal to grant Australian produce privileged access, fearing it would mean British farmers with high welfare standards will struggle to compete. The plan to give Australian food exporters … Read more