US Air Force Academy Prof. backs Critical Race Theory for ALL troops

A United States Air Force Academy Professor has argued Critical Race Theory should be taught to all cadets so that they can understand how the United States was ‘shaped by racism.’ Political scientist Lynne Chandler García said the Constitution brought about ‘inequality’ and that George Washington was a racist. She argued that the history of … Read more

How Wimbledon star Emma Raducanu practised with dad and sweated over A-levels on way to SW19 success

Britain’s Emma Raducanu celebrating victory during the second round of Wimbledon As she celebrated her second Wimbledon win with a Hollywood smile and a breezy wave of her honeyed arm, spectators at Court 12 were left in no doubt that they were witnessing the rise of a new star. With her polished look and easy … Read more

Bon Appetit writer shares recipe for ‘Bread Steak – savory cheese-crusted French toast with NO meat

A Bon Appetit recipe for ‘Bread Steak’ — a salty, savory French toast — has been met with skepticism on the internet. On June 23, the food magazine tweeted a link to a recipe for David Tamarkin’s vegetarian Bread Steak, which the writer said ‘hits the spot when a slab of cauliflower just won’t cut it.’   But … Read more

Icebergs 1,000 feet tall flowed 3,000 miles from Canada to the Florida Keys nearly 30,000 years ago

Giant icebergs could be seen floating off the coast of Florida just over 30,000 years ago, a new study has found.  The 1,000-ft bergs – approaching the size of the Eiffel Tower – flowed more than 3,000 miles from Canada, and reached as far south as the Florida Keys, according to research published in Nature … Read more

NASA official Bill Nelson says we are not alone in the universe after reviewing declassified report

We are not alone in the universe, according to NASA official and former astronaut Bill Nelson. Nelson’s statement comes just days after the Pentagon was unable to offer an explanation for UFOs spotted by US military personnel in a newly-declassified report released on Friday, which confirmed at least 144 cases of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) sightings. … Read more

Meet the mom, 32, who has fulfilled her dream as a citizen astronaut on Virgin Galactic

‘This spaceflight opportunity certainly marks the biggest achievement to date, but my dreams for the future are that I’m able to use this as a catalyst to ensure hundreds more follow,’ says the infectiously smiley and ambitious Kellie Gerardi. The 32-year-old mother-of-one from Jupiter, Florida, is still in somewhat of a daze after being announced … Read more

Florida man refuses to sell his tiny family home swallowed up by $600 million commercial development

The real-life Up! Man refuses to sell his two-bedroom Florida home which has been surrounded by huge commercial development despite developers making 60 offers of up to $900K for the tiny house Orlando Capote has refused to sell his small family home in Coral Gables currently being swallowed up by a $600 million commercial development    … Read more

SpaceX delays ride-share launch that included three British-built satellites

A trio of British-built satellites due to launch on a SpaceX rocket tomorrow will have to wait a bit longer for their trip to orbit, after the firm delayed the launch. ‘[The] team is taking additional time for pre-launch checkouts ahead of the Transporter-2 mission,’ Elon Musk‘s company announced, without giving a new date for the … Read more