Inside Ravensburg – the town trying to keep up with the demand for puzzles during lockdown

Last week I went to a beautiful part of central Europe. Not in reality, of course, and not even virtually via an online tour, but through the wonder of a jigsaw puzzle. Piece by piece, the inky waters of Lake Constance and the tree-lined shores of Mainau island, linked by a narrow causeway to the … Read more

Contact-tracing app will only fully stop coronavirus if 80 PER CENT of smartphone owners use it

An NHS contact-tracing app would only completely stop the spread of coronavirus if 80 per cent of current smartphone owners use it, researchers have warned. The team from the University of Oxford simulated how COVID-19 might spread in order to support the development of contact-tracing apps across Europe. However, a previous survey of potential contact-tracing … Read more

Einstein was right: Star orbiting the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole behaves as he predicted

A star orbiting the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy does so in a way that proves physicist Albert Einstein right – again. The star, called S2, orbits Sagittarius A* in a rosette shape, blipping out from the elliptical orbit at random points – an idea predicted by Einstein over … Read more

Incredible images that show the beauty and majesty of the Alps

Skiing aside, there are myriad reasons to visit the Alps – not least that it is arguably one of the most picturesque environments on Earth.  As this stunning portfolio of pictures shows.  Our collection will transport you across the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe. One that stretches approximately … Read more

Danny Wallace and Trainline reveal Europe’s 30 most underrated tourist attractions

Pastimes Museum, Rossiglione Italy The collection of items and artefacts found here date back to a simpler time. It’s a treasure trove of rare and unique pieces from history – board games, black-and-white televisions, mopeds, typewriters, graffiti and even a carousel are on display. Solo Per Due, Rieti, Italy Get a table at the smallest … Read more

Hamburg for under £100 a night! Enjoy the unexpected green elegance of this city on the cheap

‘I was born in Liverpool but grew up in Hamburg,’ was John Lennon’s impression of Germany‘s second city. But The Beatles left the Reeperbahn in 1962, and the neon signs of Hamburg’s red light district are best avoided.  Instead, embrace the unexpected green elegance of this industrial city.  Take in the parks and lakes while stopping … Read more