Deepest points of the world’s oceans revealed

Following one of the most adventurous ocean expeditions ever, scientists have returned precise measurements for the deepest points in each of the world’s five major oceans.  Data from the Five Deeps Expedition (FDE), which performed dives over the course of 10 months from 2018 to 2019, confirms for the first time the locations of the … Read more

World’s largest coral restoration program is bringing the 47-acre Hope Reef back to life 

Scientists warn 90 percent of the world’s corals reefs will disappear from Earth by 2043 due to climate change and human interference, but a new and innovated method could save them from extinction. Researchers, working with the cat food company Sheba, are using ‘Reef Stars’ to recover 45 acres of coral in Indonesia’s Spermonde Archipelago … Read more

Lindy Klim reveals the heartbreaking reason she relocated to Bali from Australia

Lindy Klim reveals the heartbreaking reason she relocated her family permanently to Bali from Australia almost 10 years ago By Candice Jackson For Daily Mail Australia Published: 00:47 BST, 3 May 2021 | Updated: 01:08 BST, 3 May 2021 Lindy Rama-Ellis (née Klim) has called Indonesia home for the past 10 years, travelling to Melbourne sporadically … Read more

Grieving relatives of 53 sailors killed when Indonesian submarine sank lay flowers at scene

Indonesia‘s military and family members today paid their last respects to the 53 submariners who died when their vessel sank during torpedo drills off the coast of Bali.  Grieving relatives and sailors in ceremonial dress were seen casting flowers into the waters off Bali from the navy’s Soeharso hospital ship. The KRI Nanggala 402 disappeared last week … Read more

Fake mask influencers are JAILED in Bali and will be deported as ‘soon as possible’ 

Fake mask influencers are JAILED in Bali: YouTubers who painted a mask on their faces are locked up in an immigration detention centre and will be deported as ‘soon as possible’ Josh Paler Lin and Leia Sin staged the stunt after being refused entry to a market  The YouTuber and influencer were filmed saying ‘I … Read more

Video shows toddler begging his father not leave before he boarded doomed KRI Nanggala-402 submarine

A heartbreaking video has emerged showing a toddler begging his father to stay at home before he left to board the doomed Indonesian military submarine which sank, killing all 53 sailors on the vessel.  In the clip, First Lieutenant Imam Adi, 29, is blocked from leaving his room by his crying two-year-old son Aska who … Read more

Missing submarine that vanished in Indonesia with 53 crew on board is found broken in Bali

A submarine which vanished with 53 crew members on board in Indonesia has been found broken in three parts off the coast of Bali.  Indonesia’s military has also officially announced that all 53 crew members are dead.  The grim announcement comes a day after Indonesia said the submarine, which went missing last week, was considered … Read more

Wreckage found in hunt for lost Indonesian submarine: Search teams discover items from sunken vessel

Wreckage has been found in the hunt for the lost Indonesian submarine with 53 crew members after search teams discovered items from the sunken vessel, said the country’s navy. Rescuers found several items including parts of a torpedo straightener, a grease bottle believed to be used to oil the periscope and prayer rugs from the … Read more