Markets selling bats, dogs and snakes continue to operate across South-East Asia despite coronavirus

Wet markets selling live animals including bats, dogs and snakes are continuing to operate across South-East Asia, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Shocking pictures and videos show the animals crammed into tiny cages at markets in countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and China, where the outbreak is believed to have first emerged.  One … Read more

Tunguska event was caused by an asteroid that bounced back to space

Russian scientists suggest the mysterious ‘Tunguska event’ explosion of 1908 was caused by an iron asteroid that entered the Earth’s atmosphere and then bounced back into space. The flying asteroid is thought to have skimmed the planet at a low altitude above Siberia, causing an explosion that flattened around 80 million trees over an area … Read more

Documentary Newtopia shows how a man quits the West to live with an Indonesian tribe for 3 years

‘I learned how to just be and follow the rhythm of nature,’ Audun Amundsen says, reflecting on his life off-grid in the jungle with the Mentawai tribe, where there was little on the daily agenda other than making arrows or canoes and hunting for food such as monkeys, bats or shrimp. The Norwegian engineer and … Read more

The stunning finalists in Agora’s worldwide nature photography competition

From a long-tongued chameleon to a spellbinding island in the Philippines: The stunning finalists in a worldwide nature photography competition More than 11,086 images were submitted to the #Nature2020 photography contest, run by photo app Agora The 50 finalists have been revealed with the winner selected by public vote and announced on March 4Entries include a … Read more