Liz Truss accused of being willing to sacrifice British agriculture for US deal

Farmers fear a Brexit betrayal after Trade Secretary Liz Truss is accused of being willing to sacrifice industry to achieve deal with US International Trade Secretary under fire from farmer’s union over food standards National Farms Union concerned Liz Truss will give way on standards to sign deal Critics say Miss Truss will allow import … Read more

Tories rebel as Trade Secretary Liz Truss ‘plots to betray UK farmers’ for Trump deal

A deep split has opened up in the Government over a trade deal with Donald Trump, with the Cabinet Minister in charge of negotiations accused of planning to turn Britain into a ‘pariah state’ by allowing the import of cheap foods pumped with antibiotics and hormones. International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has clashed with Environment … Read more

Prices of dishwashers, paint, and Christmas trees could be cut under post-Brexit tariffs

Britons could see prices of dishwashers, paint, padlocks and Christmas trees cut as government unveils post-Brexit tariffs on imports The government has unveiled the post-Brexit tariffs that will apply to imports  The schedule will come into force at the end of transition, due to be in January  Christmas trees, dishwashers, paint, padlocks among the items … Read more

Britain will begin formal negotiations with the US on a trade deal next week via video conference

Britain will begin formal negotiations with the US on a trade deal next week via video conference after Boris Johnson promises to ‘drive a hard bargain’ International Trade Secretary Liz Truss will begin the talks by video conference More than 100 negotiators will be involved in the first round of negotiations These talks will be … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Country faces lockdown until 2021

Scientists warned that the UK’s coronavirus outbreak might not be fading tonight amid claims Boris Johnson has joined Cabinet ‘doves’ calling for lockdown measures to stay until 2021. Professor Jonathan Van-Tam told the daily Downing Street briefing that while hospital occupancy rates had dipped in in London the picture in other parts of the UK … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Boris Johnson and Cabinet split over lockdown

The UK faces tough coronavirus curbs until 2021 amid claims Boris Johnson’s personal battle with the disease has made him ‘tentative’ about lifting lockdown. Tories have suggested the PM is ‘frightened’ of taking chances with the deadly virus after his own close call, despite fears the economic havoc might prove even more damaging to public … Read more