Former Vice President Mike Pence embraces Donald Trump’s ‘fraud’ claims in op-ed

Former Vice President Mike Pence has embraced elements of President Donald Trump‘s election fraud claims just weeks after presiding over the electoral count that made Joe Biden president. Pence makes a series of carefully couched claims about ballot integrity in a new op-ed for the Daily Signal, a product of the Heritage Foundation. He does not … Read more

US Capitol rioters close to Mike Pence’s ‘nuclear football’ in video

Nuclear commanders had ‘no idea’ Mike Pence’s ‘football’ was so close to being taken by the mob until they saw dramatic security footage at Donald Trump’s trial Nuclear commanders had no idea how close Vice President Mike Pence ‘s nuclear ‘football’ got to being taken by the MAGA mob US Strategic Command became aware of … Read more

Mike Pence is starting a podcast aimed at America’s youth to ‘share the good news of conservatism’

Former Vice President Mike Pence has unveiled plans to launch a new podcast aimed at America’s youth to attract ‘new hearts and minds to the conservative cause’. The podcast will be one of a number of projects Pence will work on in the coming months as part of his newly revealed partnership with the Young … Read more

Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter, 21, signs with IMG Models after turning heads on Inauguration Day

Kamala Harris‘ stepdaughter Ella Emhoff has signed with IMG Models after an eye-catching appearance at the January 20 inauguration. Emhoff, 21, is the daughter of Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff and his first wife Kerstin, a film producer. A fine art student at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, specializing in textiles, Emhoff … Read more

Hero Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman escorts Kamala Harris at Inauguration

Hero Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, who led rioters away from Senate chamber during siege, escorts Kamala Harris at Inauguration as he’s promoted to Acting Deputy House Sergeant-at-Arms Hero Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, 40, has been promoted to Acting Deputy House Sergeant-at-Arms As a part of his new duties he escorted Kamala Harris on … Read more

Biden Inauguration: Pence arrives in display of split with Trump

Mike Pence is stepping in as Donald Trump snubbed nearly every tradition that comes with a transition of presidential power as he and second lady Karen Pence arrived at Joe Biden‘s inauguration Wednesday. Trump’s No. 2 did not meet with the outgoing president on inauguration morning, reports revealed. The fallout between Pence and Trump reached … Read more

Pence arrives for Biden’s inauguration in a very public display of his final bitter split from Trump

Mike Pence arrives for Joe Biden’s inauguration in display of his split from Donald Trump after MAGA mob chanted about HANGING him – even though president thanked him in final speech Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence arrive at Joe Biden’s inauguration as Donald Trump refuses to participate for the transition of … Read more

MAGA mob was only 100 feet from the office where Mike Pence, his wife and his daughter were hiding

The rioters that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6 were just 100 feet from the officer where Vice President Mike Pence and his family were hiding, new reports suggest.  It took 14 minutes to evacuate Pence from the Senate Chamber after the MAGA mob first broke into the building, according to law enforcement officials and video footage … Read more

How Trump berated Pence HOURS before the Capitol was ransacked

President Donald Trump cursed out Vice President Mike Pence in a furious phone call demanding that Pence overthrow the presidential election results, it has been revealed. On January 6, hours before his mob of loyalists stormed the U.S. Capitol as Pence presided over a joint session of Congress, Trump called the vice president’s residence with … Read more

Mike Pence meets Donald Trump in the Oval Office for the first time since the MAGA riots

Mike Pence and Donald Trump met in the Oval Office on Monday night in a bid to repair their deeply-damaged relationship, which had been shredded by Wednesday’s rioting. Trump on Wednesday unleashed his followers on Pence, accusing his vice president of failing to support him in his bid to overthrow the election. A mob of … Read more