No10 plays down prospects of handing spare Covid vaccines to Ireland before JULY

Downing Street today played down the prospects of spare coronavirus vaccines being handed to Ireland before July. The PM’s spokesman stressed that the ‘first priority’ is still to cover all UK adults, despite claims that 3.7million doses have been earmarked for gifting in a ‘poke in the eye’ for the EU’s slow rollout. The comments … Read more

Moderna jabs will be rolled-out in 3 weeks to under-50s as Britain’s vaccine drive shifts up a gear

Britain’s world-beating vaccine rollout will move up another gear in mid-April when the Moderna jab is deployed for the first time, The Mail on Sunday understands. The imminent arrival of more than 500,000 doses of the new US vaccine – to add to millions of Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca shots – will herald the expansion of the … Read more

Covid US: At least three fully-vaccinated Hawaiians caught infection

At least three Hawaii residents have been infected with COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated against the disease.  Vaccine trials showed that the three vaccines approved in the US prevent between 66 and 95 percent of symptomatic infections, but we still do not know how well the vaccines prevent people from catching or spreading coronavirus.  So it’s little … Read more

Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine accounts for just 2.3 million of all shots given since March

Johnson & Johnson’s long-awaited one-dose Covid vaccine accounts for just 2.3 million of all shots given since March but the company insists it WILL deliver 20 million doses this month Since March 2, just 2.3 million coronavirus vaccine doses administered have been from Johnson & JohnsonAbout nine times as many Americans have been receiving shots of … Read more