NASA shows moon over the Arctic during last month’s solar eclipse that looks like a smudge 

NASA shares image of the moon’s shadow over the Arctic during last month’s solar eclipse that looks like a smudge NASA shared an of the moon’s shadow hovering over the Arctic during last month’s solar eclipse   The image was taken June 10 by NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera  This instrument is on NOAA’s Deep … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance rover is hunting for signs of life on Mars – and NASA will share initial results

NASA‘s Perseverance rover has officially started its search for ancient life on Mars and the US space agency will share the initial findings on Wednesday. According to a NASA statement, the $2.7 billion rover is using its seven-foot mechanical arm to analyze Martian rocks with X-rays and ultraviolet light. This allows the rover to ‘zoom … Read more

NASA reveals first images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope after coming back online

NASA has released the first images that the Hubble Space Telescope took after resuming full operations and they’re a doozy – a few different galaxies, including a rare spiral galaxy with three arms. The first object, known as ARP-MADORE2115-273, is two galaxies 297 million light-years from earth that are intertwined. ‘Astronomers had previously thought this … Read more

History of Blue Origin: How Jeff Bezos’ love of space sent humans 66 miles above Earth’s surface

Blue Origin made history Tuesday by launching the richest, oldest and youngest person into space aboard its New Shepard rocket, but before the aerospace firm added space tourism to its list of service it was nothing more than an idea on paper. Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000 to chase down a childhood dream … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez embraces him after space launch

Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez planted a kiss on her billionaire beau just moments after he safely returned to Earth this morning following his successful space launch.   The 51-year-old was spotted hugging and kissing her Amazon founder boyfriend soon after he emerged from the capsule in Texas on Tuesday morning.  Bezos, 57, could be seen hugging his mother … Read more

NASA’s Curiosity rover may have accidentally landed near an active source of methane on Mars

The 2019 revelation that methane was found on Mars sent shockwaves throughout the scientific community, as almost all of the gas on Earth is produced by life.  Now, scientists believe they have located the source — and it’s almost exactly where NASA‘s Curiosity rover is. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology used modeling techniques to determine … Read more