Black shop worker, 26, shares racist abuse from Currys PC World colleagues who called him ‘Afroman’

A black shop worker has accused his colleagues of racially abusing him and calling him ‘Afroman’, saying his hair looked like he had put his ‘finger in an electric socket’. Terrelle Graham, 26, from Bradley Stoke, Gloucestershire, claimed he was subjected to racist abuse from staff while he was working at Currys PC World in Bristol. … Read more

Boris Johnson dismisses French anger over AUKUS submarine deal

France hits back at Boris and accuses the UK of trying to ‘marginalise Europe’ after PM breaks into ‘franglais’ to tell Emmanuel Macron to ‘get a grip’ over the AUKUS defence pact to provide nuclear-powered submarines for Australia Boris Johnson has told Emmanuel Macron to ‘get a grip’ over new AUKUS pact AUKUS will see … Read more

MCC says batsmen will now be called ‘batters’ in woke new ‘gender-neutral’ laws

Cricketers will be referred to as ‘batters’ instead of ‘batsmen’ to make the term gender neutral, the influential MCC announced today. Marylebone Cricket Club said the move was a ‘natural progression’ and it changed the Laws of Cricket to make it ‘inclusive for all’. The switch follows The Hundred competition in the summer, which also swapped … Read more

Biden called Trump a ‘f****** a******’ when he saw a big screen to practice GOLF in the White House

‘What a f****** a******’: Biden swore when he saw Trump had set-up a giant screen to practice his GOLF in the White House Biden reportedly had trouble adjusting to living in the White House, according to the new book ‘Peril’ by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa When he first moved in Biden found Trump’s ‘toys’ … Read more

Matt Hancock apologises for late registration of shares in firm that had NHS contracts

Matt Hancock apologises after Commons watchdog finds he was late registering shares in firm that had NHS contracts Matt Hancock has apologised for delay registering shares in firm with NHS ties Commons watchdog said the ex-health secretary broke the rules by late action She said breach over Topwood shares was at ‘less serious’ end of … Read more

Grandmother sends McDonald’s photos of ‘filthy’ store – but it promises to pass on ‘compliments’

A grandmother chucked her McDonald’s dinner in the bin after seeing ‘filthy’ worksurfaces and products at one of the fast food joints. Ceri Pepper, 61, was left feeling ‘grossed out’ by the conditions at the restaurant in Crossways Parc in Caerphilly, Wales. She watched as one staff member battled to hold a bottle of toffee sauce … Read more

Stunning collection of German porcelain found by the Monuments Men sells for £10million

The Monuments Men is the nickname coined for the members of Allied forces’ Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives programme, during the Second World War. This small corps of mostly middle-aged men, and a few women, were historians, architects, professors and museum curators who interrupted their careers to help recover artwork stolen by the Nazis. During … Read more

Home Office reveals ‘almost all’ airlifted Afghans are still in hotels

Home Office reveals ‘almost all’ of the 8,000 Afghan nationals saved during Kabul airlift are STILL in hotels along with 70 unaccompanied refugee children with no date set for finding permanent homes after warnings the asylum hotel bill could hit £70m The UK rescued approximately 8,000 Afghan nationals during Kabul airlift Home Office Permanent Secretary … Read more

‘The dog is not allowed’: Blind woman left near to tears when Yo! Sushi refuses her guide dog entry

This is the shocking moment a restaurant worker refused to let a blind woman’s guide dog into a Yo! Sushi branch in central London.  In a video shared online, journalist Lucy Edwards, 28, can be heard fighting back tears after being told: ‘I’m telling you the dog is not allowed!’  The employee at the Bond Street … Read more

Trump sues his niece Mary and NYT over ‘insidious plot’ to get his tax records

Donald Trump on Tuesday sued his niece Mary and The New York Times over their reporting on his tax affairs, accusing them of ‘an insidious plot’ to obtain confidential records, and is seeking an excess of $100 million in damages.  The former president filed his case against Mary, the paper and three of its reporters. … Read more