Protesters in Venice demonstrate against mass tourism and huge cruise ships

Protesters gathered along Venice’s picturesque waterfront to demonstrate against mass tourism and huge cruise ships in Italy‘s floating city. The demonstration – which saw members of the campaign group Comitato No Grandi Navi gather at the Zattere waterfront – came the same day as one of Venice’s main attractions reopened its doors to tourists after the … Read more

Meghan Markle’s dilemma: Will she now ditch best friend Jessica Mulroney after ‘racist bully shame’?

There are times when their dark, glossy locks made them appear almost interchangeable, their matching sense of style studiously classic, polished and understated. So similar are Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney and her closest friend Meghan Markle, those who knew them on the Toronto celebrity circuit described them as ‘twins’. Even their values, it was said, … Read more

National Trust brings in colonialism expert as bosses plan to highlight properties’ slavery links

National Trust vows to highlight its properties’ links to slavery as bosses bring in colonialism expert after Black Lives Matter ‘watershed moment’ National Trust is set to inform the public about their locations’ colonial history  Dr Corinne Fowler has been tasked with examining UK’s ‘Colonial Countryside’  Says visitors will be made aware of the exploitation that … Read more

Police forces EIGHT times more likely to fire Tasers

Revealed: Police forces EIGHT times more likely to fire Tasers as figures show huge variations in their use across England and Wales Officers in Humberside and Durham are most trigger-happy despite being rural They discharge their Tasers at more than twice the rate of those down in London Officers in Hampshire are the most restrained … Read more

Meghan Markle’s mother Doria ‘joins Duchess, Harry and Archie at their rented home in Los Angeles’

Meghan Markle has moved her mother, Doria Ragland, into the £8million mansion she and Prince Harry are renting in Los Angeles. It is reported that Doria, a former social worker, is acting as an ‘unofficial nanny’ to one-year-old grandson Archie and to help the couple out as they find their feet in the United States. The … Read more

Trade in Lion bones for Chinese ‘medicines’ could spark new pandemic

The sickening trade in the bones of butchered lions for use in Chinese ‘medicines’, wines and jewellery could spark another catastrophic health crisis, experts have warned.  An astonishing 333 farms in South Africa are breeding thousands of lions either to be shot by hunters in fenced enclosures or slaughtered for their bones, according to a … Read more

Fears over flood of US toxic chemicals in trade deal

Fears over flood of US toxic chemicals: Trade deal could expose British consumers to 70 potentially harmful chemicals that are used on US farms but banned in UK, experts warn Experts say supermarkets and restaurants would be flooded with cheap produce The Toxic Trade study shows how US farmers use large quantities of pesticides  There … Read more