Real Housewives Of New York’s Eboni K. Williams’ North Carolina law license was suspended

Real Housewives Of New York star Eboni K. Williams’ license to practice law in the state of North Carolina has been suspended for some time, according to the reality star. The 37-year-old media figure released a statement on Monday, explaining that she has not ‘lived or practiced law in North Carolina since 2011’ and had … Read more

Icebergs 1,000 feet tall flowed 3,000 miles from Canada to the Florida Keys nearly 30,000 years ago

Giant icebergs could be seen floating off the coast of Florida just over 30,000 years ago, a new study has found.  The 1,000-ft bergs – approaching the size of the Eiffel Tower – flowed more than 3,000 miles from Canada, and reached as far south as the Florida Keys, according to research published in Nature … Read more

Juul to pay out $40 million settlement in case alleging e-cigarette brand marketed to children 

E-cigarette giant Juul Labs has agreed to a $40 million settlement in a North Carolina case alleging the company marketed its products towards children and teenagers. The company will also be forced to adjust its marketing to avoid potentially marketing towards youngsters. Jull will now no longer be able to use people under the age … Read more

Scientists 3D-print a cube-shaped human liver tissue in a lab using live cells

Scientists 3D-print a cube-shaped human liver tissue using live cells that could treat future astronauts who will one day live on Mars and the moon American scientists grew human liver tissue in a lab using a 3D-printer The team started by using 3D printing technologies to create gel-like molds This acted as a platform for … Read more

12-year-old who graduated from high school and college the SAME week opens up about accomplishments

A 12-year-old boy who graduated from high school and college in the same week has opened up about taking extra classes during the coronavirus pandemic and running not one, but two tech businesses — insisting he is having the time of his life.  Mike Wimmer, from Salisbury, North Carolina, graduated from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College with a 4.0 … Read more

New paint for stealth jets is even better at hiding them from radar and lasts longer

A new spray-on ceramic claims to be ‘harder than sand’ and provide more coverage for stealth jets and bombers.   A team at North Carolina University designed the material to address limitations of current polymer skins that peel off craft, revealing the plane to enemy radar scans. The innovation is still in early stages, but lab testing showed … Read more