Brits reveal how they found celebrity by leaving the UK and are mobbed by fans overseas 

They may be complete unknowns in the UK, but these secret British celebrities who have found fame overseas are mobbed by fans in China, France and Pakistan. Darren Tulett, from West Sussex, Tanya Wells, from Wandsworth and Ian Inglis from Carfiff all got their shot to fame after leaving the UK, building successful careers in … Read more

‘Giant’ flying squirrels discovered in remote part of the Himalayas by Australian scientists 

‘Giant’ flying squirrels discovered for the first time living in remote part of the Himalayas  Giant Tibetan and Yunnan Woolly Flying Squirrels found for the first time    Squirrel are more than one metre long and weight 2.5kgs  Only a handful of people having seen the mammal glide  By Australian Associated Press Published: 01:44 BST, 31 … Read more

Covid UK: Heathrow closing T3 and T4 forces arrivals from ‘red list’ and safer nations to mix

Passengers flying into Heathrow from high risk countries are being forced to mingle with travellers from safer destinations as concerns mount that UK airports are turning into ‘super spreaders’.  Travellers have described being crammed into queues with no social distancing from other passengers and called the situation ‘mad’ and ’embarrassing’ amid fears covid documents are … Read more

Covid UK: 110 direct flights from India have landed in UK since it was put on ‘red list’

More than 100 direct flights from India have landed in the UK since the covid-ravaged Asian country was placed on the Government’s banned list of countries last month, it has emerged. This means that up to 8,000 travellers have flown in from the subcontinent despite concern over an Indian covid variant that threatens to undermine … Read more

Pakistani politician apologises for backing CNN journalist sacked for Hitler tweet

Mirza Shahzad Akbar, a top Pakistani politician who meets with UK government officials, lent support to sacked CNN reporter One of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s closest advisors has apologised after endorsing a TV journalist who said the world ‘needs a new Hitler’ amid clashes between Israel and Hamas. Mirza Shahzad Akbar, Mr Khan’s right-hand … Read more

Indian covid UK: Hancock defends timing of travel restrictions as Labour calls for delay to holidays

Matt Hancock today defended the timing of travel restrictions on India but dodged questions on whether the decision was linked to Downing Street‘s planned trade mission as Labour urged the Government to delay the resumption of global travel tomorrow amid concerns over a third virus surge. Critics have warned that tougher action should have been … Read more

Health minister Edward Argar defends delay in shutting Britain’s borders with India

A Health Minister has defended the delay in shutting Britain’s borders with India – saying the move was  ‘based on evidence’.  The government has been blasted for not adding India to the ‘red list’ until April 23, by which time 122 cases of the rapidly-spreading variant had already entered the UK. This is despite its neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh … Read more

CIA plan to flush out Bin Laden through fake vaccine drive has driven jab hesitancy in Pakistan

An ambitious CIA plot to snare Osama Bin Laden by harvesting his children’s DNA through a fake inoculation drive has fuelled vaccine hesitancy in Pakistan, experts have claimed.     A Warwick University study has claimed the 2011 operation led to a decline in overall vaccine rates by up to 40 per cent the following year.  The ruse … Read more