David Cameron accused of ‘hypocrisy’ over role at firm based in Bermuda

David Cameron is facing yet more scrutiny over his role at a software firm based in ‘offshore tax haven’, Bermuda.   The former Prime Minister has been accused of ‘deep hypocrisy’ by critics for chairing the advisory board at a firm called Afiniti.  The software business, which provides technology for call centres in Pakistan, boasts names … Read more

Protests in Pakistan against Macron’s support for Charlie Hebdo magazine showing Mohammed cartoon

Thousands of protesters clashed with police in Lahore, Pakistan, during a demonstration against President Macron’s support for a magazine showing a ‘blasphemous’ Prophet Mohammed cartoon. Anti-French sentiment has been simmering for months in Pakistan since President Emmanuel Macron‘s government expressed support for a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s right to republish cartoons. It comes as Saad … Read more

The winning images in the prestigious ‘Capture the Extreme’ photography competition revealed

These photos are enough to give you the chills.  They are the winning images in a prestigious photography competition called Capture the Extreme, which celebrates the cultures, wildlife and beauty of the planet at its coldest reaches.  Now in its second year, the contest, run by luxury outerwear brand Shackleton in collaboration with Leica Camera AG, … Read more

Pakistan and Bangladesh are put on the travel ‘red list’

Pakistan and Bangladesh are put on the travel ‘red list’ sparking fears thousands of Brits abroad will scramble home as UK variant is blamed for countries’ third spike Travellers will be banned from these countries unless they are returning home  Crackdown is aimed at reducing the risk of variants such as South Africa strain More than 5,200 … Read more

Driver incredibly survives after boulder crushes his car in Pakistan, killing his three passengers

Driver incredibly survives after boulder crushes his brand new car in Pakistan – but his three passengers are killed Rashid Iqbal, 46, was driving his new Suzuki when the a landslide suddenly crushed his carA one tonne boulder landed inches away from the driver’s headThe landslide occured in the town of Dhirkot in the southern … Read more

Whales are descendants of ‘tiny deer’ that walked on land 50 MILLION years ago

The largest animal on Earth swims through the depths of the oceans, but 50 million years ago whales walked the land on four legs. A professor at Northeast Ohio Medical University reveals the massive creatures are descendants of an ancient ‘little deer,’ known as Indohyus. Through the research of cetaceans evolution, which includes hippopotamus to … Read more

China will allow visitors into the country – but only if they have had the CHINESE Covid-19 vaccine 

China says it will allow visitors into the country – but only if they have had the CHINESE Covid-19 vaccine Embassies in countries including the US and India said restrictions will ease Borders will open for those visiting for business or ‘humanitarian needs’China has not approved any foreign-made jabs and produced four of its own By … Read more