THOUSANDS of Californian’s got the wrong covid vaccine dose

An estimated 4,300 Californians got the wrong dose of Pfizer‘s COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, whistleblowers have revealed.  Workers at the Oakland Coliseum mass vaccination site told FOX2 KTVU that they were sent a type of syringe that traps a small portion of vaccine in its plastic chamber from the national stockpile.  Usually, these syringes leave … Read more

Bachelor star Sam Royce is one of Australia’s first reality TV stars to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Bachelor star and federal agent Sam Royce is one of Australia’s first reality TV stars to get the COVID-19 vaccine By Candice Jackson For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:26 GMT, 3 March 2021 | Updated: 23:34 GMT, 3 March 2021 Australia’s first Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 jab was administered to 84-year-old Jane Malysiak on Sunday, February 21. … Read more

First dose of Oxford University’s Covid vaccine causes twice as many side-effects as Pfizer’s

First dose of Oxford University’s Covid vaccine causes twice as many side-effects as a single shot of the Pfizer jab, analysis of 700,000 Brits suggests More than three in ten of those getting the Oxford vaccine suffered side-effects But less than two in ten suffered symptoms in those getting the Pfizer jab Scientists say side-effects … Read more

Covid vaccines: Oxford and Pfizer first doses just as effective in elderly with underlying illness

One dose of the Covid jabs being deployed in Britain are up to 80 per cent effective at stopping already-ill elderly people from being hospitalised with the disease, fresh research shows. Earlier this week, the first real-world analysis of the Oxford and Pfizer jabs in England found a single injection prevented eight in 10 over-80s from … Read more

Europe Covid: Austria and Denmark to make vaccines with Israel

Austria and Denmark will produce new Covid vaccines without help from the EU after the bloc’s jab roll-out descended into a slow-paced shambles.  Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s prime minister, and Danish leader Mette Frederiksen announced today that they will travel to Israel to discuss development of a second generation of coronavirus vaccines with health authorities there. Israel … Read more

Britain’s Covid vaccines should cut the risk of dying or being hospitalised MORE in younger adults

 Dr Mary Ramsay, PHE’s head of immunisation said today she expects the vaccines to give ‘even stronger protection’ to younger age groups The coronavirus vaccines being rolled out in Britain should perform even better in younger adults than the elderly, a top Government scientist said today.  Public Health England last night published its first major real-world … Read more

France Covid: Country will give AstraZeneca jab to over-65s in U-turn for Macron

France will start giving Britain’s AstraZeneca vaccine to over-65s in an humiliating U-turn for President Macron after he personally cast doubt on its effectiveness. Olivier Veran, the French health minister, said yesterday that the jab will soon be made available to people age between 50 and 75 with underlying health issues that make them vulnerable … Read more

Covid vaccines: Fewer than TEN over-80s now need to enter intensive care in England each day

Fewer than 10 Covid-19 patients aged over 80 are being sent to intensive care units each day thanks to the rollout of Britain’s vaccine programme, Health Secretary Matt Hancock claimed last night.   At a Downing Street press conference, Mr Hancock hailed ‘exciting’ data showing that just one shot of either the Oxford/AstraZeneca or Pfizer jab … Read more

UK ‘will be in a very different world in months’ thanks to Covid vaccines: Hancock and JVT claim

Britain’s lockdown-ending hopes were given another huge boost tonight as Matt Hancock revealed a single dose of the coronavirus vaccines being rolled out in the UK cut hospital rates in the most elderly by 80 per cent. The Health Secretary said Government analysis of figures in England had shown one dose of either the Oxford … Read more