Moderna’s Covid-19 jab can cause skin reactions 11 DAYS after vaccination

The Moderna Covid-19 vaccine is causing a small percentage of people to develop patches of inflamed skin and rashes around the injection site, up to 11 days after vaccination.  Doctors from the US have penned an article outlining the unusual dermatological reaction to the jab.  They report at least 12 incidents of patients presenting with … Read more

Food waste: The average household bins 163lbs of leftovers every year, UN study warns

The average household bins around 163 lbs (74 kg) of leftovers every year, the United Nations‘ Food Waste Index Report 2021 has warned. This contributes to the 931 million tonnes of food waste the world generates annually — equivalent to 17 per cent of all the fare available to consumers in 2019. The report was produced by … Read more

People with higher incomes are ‘prouder, more confident and less afraid’, study says

People with higher incomes are ‘prouder, more confident and less afraid’, according to ‘the most comprehensive analysis to date’. Researchers in the US and Singapore analysed income data and questionnaire results of 1.6 million people in 162 countries, including the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France and Japan. Higher income predicted whether people felt … Read more

Almost HALF of Covid patients experience painful swollen salivary glands after infection

From a high fever to a loss of sense of smell, Covid-19 is associated with a range of unpleasant symptoms.  Now, a new study has warned that infection with the coronavirus can also lead to swollen salivary glands in the mouth. Researchers studied 122 Covid-19 patients in Italy who caught the virus and were admitted … Read more

A volcanic eruption on Iceland ‘could be imminent’

A volcanic eruption in Iceland ‘could be imminent’ after more than 18,000 earthquakes hit the island in the past week, authorities have warned. On Wednesday alone, there were about 2,500 earthquake detected and since midnight on Thursday almost 800 earthquakes measured, according to the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO).  The largest earthquake measured magnitude 5.6 on the … Read more

Biology: Scientists play MC Hammer to baby zebrafish to learn how they develop hearing underwater 

Stop, Science time! Scientists are playing MC Hammer to baby zebrafish in order to understand how they develop their hearing underwater. After developing a special speaker system to play music to the fish, Australian neuroscientists imaged the brains of the larval zebrafish to see which cells reacted. They found that young zebrafish have considerably better … Read more

Water and organic materials essential for life on Earth are found on the surface of an ASTEROID

The materials essential for life on Earth including organic matter and water have been discovered on the surface of an asteroid for the first time, study shows. Planetary scientists from Royal Holloway University of London examined a single grain of dust returned to Earth from asteroid Itokawa by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) as part … Read more