Boris Johnson apologises ‘unreservedly’ for 1971 ‘Ballymurphy massacre’

The Prime Minister has ‘apologised unreservedly’ for the events that led to the deaths of 10 innocent civilians in Ballymurphy 50 years ago. Boris Johnson made the apology on behalf of the UK Government during a phone call with Northern Ireland‘s First Minister Arlene Foster and deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill, the leader of Sinn … Read more

Jeremy Corbyn blasts ‘weak’ Keir Starmer for ‘blaming’ him for his leadership woes

Jeremy Corbyn today blasted ‘weak’ Keir Starmer for blaming him for Labour’s election meltdown, and demanded the party returns to his ‘popular’ hard-Left policies. The former leader tore into Sir Keir for ‘dumping’ on him in the wake of the dire Super Thursday results – which moderates blamed on ‘Long Corbyn’ in a grim reference … Read more

Boris Johnson mocks Keir Starmer’s bungled reshuffle of Labour front bench in Commons clash

Boris Johnson mocked Sir Keir Starmer over his bungled reshuffle today – as the Labour leader faced another blow with the resignation of a close aide. The PM jibed that Sir Keir was just making Ms Rayner ‘hungrier’ for power after he tried to sack her in the wake of the Super Thursday disaster – … Read more

London Mayor election: How range of joke candidates led to record 114,000 ruined ballots

A dizzying range of joke candidates left voters so baffled a record number of ballots were rejected in this month’s London mayoral election. Around 114,000 ballots were spoilt after the first round of voting because the 20 candidates packed onto a sheet of A4 paper confused voters into either accidentally ticking the first-choice column twice … Read more

Boris’s ‘rocket fuel’ Queen’s Speech for the Blue Wall

Boris Johnson left No10 for Parliament today as he plans to heap pressure on stricken Keir Starmer with a Queen’s Speech aiming to ‘level up’ jobs and investment in former Labour heartlands. The PM will try to cement his new ‘Blue Wall’ vowing people will no longer have to move to London for decent work, and … Read more

Boris Johnson promises to bring in laws to boost education chances after local elections victory

‘Rocket fuel’ to fire up Britain: After his election victory, Boris Johnson promises to bring in laws to boost education chances and help ‘level up’ the nation Plans to give every adult access to loans to fund college courses and training The PM wants ‘lifetime skills guarantee’ to help people upgrade qualifications  Is one of … Read more

Boris Johnson hints domestic Covid passports plan could be DROPPED

Boris Johnson hints domestic Covid passport plans could be DROPPED as he plays down the prospect of keeping social distancing rules in place past final step of his roadmap on June 21 PM promised update on social distancing and vaccine passports later this month He appeared to cast doubt on whether Covid Status Certificates will … Read more

Queen’s Speech to include repeal of Fixed-term Parliaments Act

Boris Johnson is set to reclaim powers to trigger an early election – amid signs that he could turn the screw on crisis-hit Labour by calling a vote in 2023.   The PM has not had full control over the timing of an election for a decade, since the Cameron-Clegg Coalition passed the Fixed-term Parliaments Act. … Read more

Dominic Cummings roasts Keir Starmer AND Boris Johnson in astonishing Twitter rant

Dominic Cummings roasts Keir Starmer AND Boris Johnson in astonishing Twitter rant accusing both main parties of failing to be ‘focused on … being a serious government’ and suggests they should copy his referendum success with Vote Leave instead Former Downing Street Svengali gloated on Twitter over Tory’s Hartlepool win Accused Starmer of running Labour  ‘without … Read more

Local elections 2021: Blackburn Conservative candidate Tiger Patel becomes internet sensation

Vote for the ‘Bojo of Blackburn’! Tory candidate becomes internet sensation after posting bizarre campaign video in vandalised children’s playground Tiger Patel is the Conservative candidate for the Audley and Queen’s Park ward  Mr Patel – whose real name is Altaf – filmed his campaign video in a playground Taxi driver’s videos have amassed thousands of … Read more