UN blasts ‘devastating’ 85% cuts to aid from UK government for family planning programme

UN blasts ‘devastating’ £130m cut to aid from UK government for family planning programme it claims would have helped prevent millions of unsafe abortions UN says the Government plans to cut its family planning aid from £154m to £23m In statement, UN said cuts were devastating and withdrawn funding could have prevented 250,000 maternal and … Read more

Racism report: United Nations says UK report is ‘reprehensible’ and ‘normalises white supremacy’

An arm of the United Nations today accused the UK Government‘s racial disparities commission of trying to ‘rationalise’ and ‘normalise’ white supremacy in its ‘reprehensible’ report on race relations in Britain by ‘repackaging racist tropes and stereotypes into fact’. A group of human rights experts have claimed that the controversial report presented by the Commission on … Read more

Biden’s ambassador to the UN says white supremacy is ‘weaved’ into America’s ‘founding documents’

President Joe Biden‘s ambassador to the United Nations (UN) has said that white supremacy is ‘weaved’ into America’s ‘founding documents’ because of the ‘original sin on slavery’. Speaking on Wednesday, US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield pledged to prioritize efforts to combat racism both home and abroad. For the US to play an effective … Read more

Pollution: Richest 1% produce DOUBLE the carbon emissions of the poorest 50%, says UN

World’s wealthiest people are ‘elite polluters’: Richest one per cent produce DOUBLE the combined carbon emissions of the poorest 50 per cent, report reveals The report comes from the UK-based Cambridge Sustainability Commission  It was compiled by 31 experts tasked with finding ways to best tackle emissions The panel recommend deterring people from frequent flying … Read more

United Nations blasts UK on ‘war crimes’ bill

UN blasts UK on ‘war crimes’ bill: Bid to curb prosecutions of British soldiers on torture allegations ‘could threaten human rights’ Overseas Operations Bill, would introduce a ‘presumption against prosecution’   UN claimed restricting investigations could undermine human rights obligations High commissioner warned the legislation will make the UK less accountable By Henry Martin For … Read more

The Weeknd donates $1m to fight hunger in Ethiopia amid reports of violent conflict in the region

The Weeknd donates $1million to fight hunger in Ethiopia amid reports of violent conflict in the region By Kelby Vera For Dailymail.com Published: 19:08 BST, 4 April 2021 | Updated: 19:24 BST, 4 April 2021 The Weeknd has donated $1million to United Nations World Food Programme to help fight famine in Ethiopia. The Grammy-winner said he … Read more

UN official says Myanmar’s military junta is committing ‘mass murder’ after 114 people were killed

A United Nations official has accused Myanmar’s military of committing mass murder after security forces shot and killed more than 100 people on Saturday.      Tom Andrews, the UN Special Rapporteur for human rights in Myanmar reiterated calls for the international community to do more to stop the bloodshed, saying ‘robust, coordinated action’ is required as ‘words … Read more

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: It’s official: If you’re over 60, you’re HAPPIER than ever! 

What is happiness? It’s one of those questions that’s vexed great minds down the ages, including the Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz, who famously said: ‘Happiness is a warm puppy.’ I hate to contradict one of my favourite philosophers but, thanks to the World Happiness Report, produced every March by the United Nations Development Network, … Read more

UN chief says UK foreign aid cut ‘is balancing books on the backs of the starving’

UN chief accuses UK of ‘balancing the books on the backs of the starving’ by cutting aid spending to Yemen Mark Lowcock said UK cut to Yemen is ‘balancing books on back of the starving’ UN humanitarian official used to run Department for International Development UK announced aid spending trimmed to 0.5% of national income … Read more