Disgusted parents say schools are bombarding their kids with anti-racist agendas

A woke offensive has taken the nation’s schools by storm in the aftermath of the George Floyd fallout, but instead of the intended purpose of solving racial inequities it’s irritated parents of all persuasions. In interviews with DailyMail.com, parents say they’ve been overwhelmed by education reformers seeking to impose anti-racist agendas on America’s schools. They … Read more

Michelle Obama discusses racism while plugging new book

Michelle Obama touted a new kids’ version of her memoir on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning, when she urged young people to ‘protest’ against racism – but interestingly made no mention of yesterday’s ban on six Dr. Seuss books, which she frequently read to children during her time as First Lady.  The 57-year-old – who … Read more

Police watchdog warns forces ‘risk losing trust’ over use of stop-and search

A police watchdog has warned forces ‘risk losing trust’ over the use of stop and search as it admonished them for failing to explain why black people are more likely to be targeted. It found police forces are still unable to explain the disproportionate use of powers, such as stop and search and use of force … Read more

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening speaks out about show recasting its non-white roles

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening has spoken out about the show’s decision to  recast its non-white roles, following allegations of racial stereotyping in recent years. On Tuesday it was announced the character of Dr. Hibbert, voiced by white actor Harry Shearer, has been replaced by black actor Kevin Michael Richardson.  Cartoonist Matt, 67, said while … Read more

LAPD officers ‘shared image of George Floyd captioned “You take my breath away” for Valentine’s Day’

LAPD officers ‘shared image of George Floyd with the caption “You take my breath away” ahead of Valentine’s Day’ LAPD on Saturday confirmed it had launched an investigation into the reports An officer claimed ‘Valentine’ images of Floyd were circulated among the force Chief Michel Moore said the officer would be interviewed on Monday He … Read more

Stop and search on black people halves as officers are more wary following the BLM protests 

Stop and search on black people halves as officers are more wary following the BLM protests Top officer says some think that stop and search is ‘more trouble than it’s worth’ Superintendent Simon Rotherham suggested BLM demos dented confidence  About 7,000 black people were searched last month- down from 17,295 in May By Rebecca Camber … Read more

Black Lives Matter movement is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Black Lives Matter has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of what the nominator said was BLM’s impact in raising awareness of racism worldwide. Despite a turbulent summer in the United States following the death of George Floyd, which saw some BLM protests splinter into violent confrontation, the group was praised for … Read more

Joe Biden signs executive orders that deal with racial equity

President Joe Biden signed a series of executive orders Tuesday afternoon that deal with racial ‘equity.’  He began his remarks by crediting the outcry after the Memorial Day death of George Floyd.   ‘Those eight minutes and 46 seconds that took George Floyd’s life, opened the eyes of millions of Americans and millions of people all over … Read more

Joe Biden will order national policing commission in wake of George Floyd’s death

Joe Biden will order national policing commission in wake of George Floyd’s death, restrict cops’ access to military equipment and sign order on housing equality as he stakes out agenda on race today President Joe Biden is set to sign executive orders Tuesday afternoon that deal with ‘equity’  He’s expected to sign one that creates … Read more

Donald Trump unveils plan for his ‘garden of heroes’ but no location

President Donald Trump wants to put his stamp on the nation’s historical memory by signing an order with just hours left in his presidency for a ‘Garden of American Heroes’ that would pull together a hodgepodge of figures including Thomas Jefferson, Kobe Bryant, Grover Cleveland, and Alex Trebek. The executive order contains no funding nor … Read more