World Health Organization says Covid pandemic ‘growing exponentially’ despite lockdowns and vaccines

The Covid pandemic is at a ‘critical point’ and cases are growing ‘exponentially’ despite lockdown efforts, a World Health Organization chief has warned. Even though experts know exactly how to contain the coronavirus it is still managing to spread rapidly and infect more than half a million people per day worldwide. Dr Maria van Kerkhove … Read more

Forbes reveals 40 people who have seen their fortunes soar due to fighting the coronavirus pandemi

Forbes has revealed a list of 40 people who have become billionaires in 2021 due to their business activities fighting the coronavirus pandemic.  This year, the world’s billionaires list includes a record-breaking 2,755 billionaires, with 660 people joining the list who were not on it in 2020.  Of those 660, the addition of 40 new billionaires … Read more

Gabrielle Union and husband Dwayne Wade sell their $5.7million LA mansion after a year on the market

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have sold their sprawling Sherman Oaks property for $5.7million, after slashing the asking price by half-a-million in January. The five-bedroom, nine-bathroom mansion was listed for $6.2million last March, just days before the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.  After more than a year on the market without any luck, … Read more

WhatsApp reveals new Covid-19 vaccine stickers

WhatsApp joins forces with the World Health Organisation on new ‘Vaccines for All’ sticker pack in the hopes of offering users a ‘fun way to privately express their joy’ about the Covid-19 jab The new sticker pack includes a range of Covid-19 vaccine-related illustrations These include syringes and plasters, as well as vaccinated people embracing WhatsApp stickers … Read more

Europe’s vaccine roll-out is ‘unacceptably slow and prolonging the pandemic’, WHO warns

Europe’s vaccine roll-out has been condemned for being ‘unacceptably slow’ and blamed for ‘prolonging the pandemic’ by the World Health Organisation. ‘Vaccines present our best way out of this pandemic … However, the rollout of these vaccines is unacceptably slow’ and is ‘prolonging the pandemic’, WHO director for Europe Hans Kluge said today. He added … Read more

IAN BIRRELL: What a surprise… World health ‘experts’ have let China off the hook over Covid

More than 420 days have passed since the World Health Organisation declared that a strange new disease killing people in a central Chinese city was sufficiently alarming to be declared a global health emergency. The UN body, when making that historic statement last January, praised China for its leadership, its commitment to transparency, its sharing … Read more

UN chief criticises wealthy countries for stockpiling Covid-19 vaccines as poor countries go without

UN chief criticises wealthy countries for stockpiling Covid-19 vaccines as poor countries go without The UN health agency chief said stockpiling of vaccines was a ‘moral outrage’ At least 36 countries are yet to receive any vaccines through the Covax initiative £435 million  is needed to support vaccine delivery around the world By Lauren Lewis For … Read more

AstraZeneca lost £21 BILLION in profits from selling Covid vaccine cheaply

AstraZeneca lost £21 BILLION in profits from selling Covid vaccine cheaply… but the firm ‘wouldn’t do it again’ after attacks from EU over supply issues AstraZeneca sacrificed more than £21bn of revenue with its Covid-19 vaccine The pharmaceutical giant offered its vaccine at a cost of just £3.60 a dose  The company has been criticised … Read more

Study confirms redmesivir shortens Covid recovery by 2 days

The antiviral remdesivier cuts recovery time by about two days, but does not reduce the risk of dying from of the infection, a new study suggests.  Remdesivir is the only therapeutic drug approved for emergency use to treat COVID-19 in the U.S., but clinical trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the World … Read more