Keir Starmer was told to ‘step aside’ during a meeting of Labour’s ruling body

Keir Starmer was told to ‘step aside’ during a meeting of Labour’s ruling body after the party’s election defeat Ann Black, who has been on NEC since 2000, said the demand was unheard of Sir Keir is said to have reacted calmly and other members came to his defence Another source claimed the criticism had … Read more

ANDREW PIERCE: Can lessons of Mrs Thatcher’s ad guru save Labour?

Under intense pressure to get a grip after his party’s abysmal performance in the Hartlepool by-election and local elections, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is seeking tried-and-tested talent. A new key appointee is Deborah Mattinson as director of strategy. Supporters point to her work as pollster and strategist for former Labour leaders including Neil Kinnock, … Read more

Tory MP Richard Holden fined £100 for littering after dropping cigarette butt outside election count

No smoke without fine! Tory MP Richard Holden is hit with £100 penalty notice for littering after dropping cigarette butt outside North-West Durham election count Richard Holden was hit with the charge in his constituency in County Durham He has previously posted images of himself on social media litter picking The MP was given ten … Read more

UK local elections: Results are a wake-up call for Labour and the woke elite, says Dan Wootton

It’s hard to believe but Labour’s dud leader Keir Starmer wasn’t the biggest loser after this weekend’s game-changing set of election results. Brits defied the pundits and political precedent to inflict a complete and total defeat against wokeism itself. Hardworking folk used their votes to overwhelming reject the metropolitian liberals in London who have taken … Read more

Boris Johnson’s enemies are so blinded by Brexit hatred they still can’t grasp the truth

It’s just gone 9.30am but Trevor and Joe are already enjoying their first pint of the day. ‘I’ll be voting Tory,’ Trevor, a master craftsman, tells me.  ‘I voted Labour in the General Election, but we’ve got a Conservative council round here now, and they’ve done more in the past couple of years than Labour … Read more

Boris Johnson oversees a string of stunning Tory local poll victories

Boris Johnson defied political gravity yesterday as the Conservatives racked up a string of stunning poll victories.  Labour was thrashed in the Hartlepool by-election, with Jill Mortimer securing a majority of almost 7,000 in a seat the Tories had not held since 1964. Tory Ben Houchen won a second term as mayor of Tees Valley in … Read more

Ministers say Boris could rule longer than Thatcher

Boris Johnson could take 36 more Westminster seats from Labour at the next General Election, analysis shows, as triumphant Tories last night dubbed themselves the ‘true workers’ party’ after a series of astonishing electoral gains.  Labour was thrashed in the Hartlepool by-election on Thursday, with Jill Mortimer securing a majority of almost 7,000 in a … Read more

DOMINIC SANDBROOK cracks the code of Boris Johnson’s effortless appeal

What would Boris Johnson have to do, I wonder, for his critics to take him seriously? For weeks he’s been battered by dreadful headlines, culminating in the Mail’s revelations of his alleged use of donations to pay for the redecoration of his Downing Street flat. Day after day, his critics hammered away at the issue … Read more

‘Bojo of Blackburn’ Tory candidate WINS election by 113 votes

‘Bojo of Blackburn’ Tory candidate WINS election by 113 votes after becoming internet sensation with bizarre campaign video in vandalised children’s playground Tiger Patel won as Conservative candidate for the Audley and Queen’s Park ward A video shared before election showed him walking around a local playground  He wordlessly pointed out damage to the equipment … Read more

Local Elections Scotland 2021: Will Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP miss Holyrood majority by ONE seat?

The Liberal Democrats became the early frontrunners as the Scottish Parliament election count got underway today – by holding a safe seat in the first result of the day. MSP Liam McArthur won the island’s Holyrood constituency with a majority of almost 4,000 ahead of the SNP in second place.  Minutes later, the SNP held … Read more