SIMON WALTERS: The dangers of a Prime Minister making up international law as he goes are clear

A disdain for rules that still haunts Tony Blair: The dangers for Britain of a Prime Minister making up international law as he goes along are clear, writes SIMON WALTERS By Simon Walters for the Daily Mail Published: 23:24 BST, 8 September 2020 | Updated: 23:48 BST, 8 September 2020 The last Prime Minister to … Read more

‘When will you resign, then?’ UN Secretary General sparks anger with ‘patriarchy’ tweet

The UN Secretary General Antonio Gutterres sparks anger with Tweet saying ‘male-dominated culture damages everyone’ The UN published part of a speech by Secretary General António Guterres  The post has drawn 13,000 responses – many of which voice disagreement Twitter users called on Mr Guterres to resign; others called to ‘defund the UN’  By Henry … Read more

North Korea’s nuclear activity is ‘serious concern’, UN fears

North Korea’s nuclear activity is a ‘cause for serious concern’ with some facilities continuing to operate, UN watchdog warns  UN fears Pyongyang is breaching international law with nuclear operations  International Atomic Energy Agency voices warning in report issued this week  Concerns raised over Yongbyon nuclear site in secretive country  US warns sellers not to supply … Read more

Donald Trump demands UN implement full ‘snapback’ of sanctions on Iran

The United States will demand Thursday that all United Nations sanctions be reimposed against Iran, President Donald Trump announced, a move that follows America’s embarrassing failure to extend an arms embargo against Tehran. The administration´s insistence on snapping back international sanctions against Iran sets the stage for a contentious dispute. It’s possible that the U.S. … Read more

North Korea quarantines thousands in a southern city locked down over coronavirus worries

North Korea is quarantining thousands of people and shipping food and other aid to a southern city locked down over coronavirus worries, officials said, as the country’s response to a suspected case reinforces doubt about its longstanding claim to be virus-free. But amid the outside skepticism and a stream of North Korean propaganda glorifying its … Read more

British feminists including Cherie Blair and Jess Phillips rally behind Amber Heard

High profile British feminists have rallied behind Amber Heard amid her ex-husband Johnny Depp‘s bombshell libel trial. Cherie Blair, the barrister and wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, is understood to have spoken with the actress’ legal team last week, as Depp’s High Court trial entered its second week. The pair met last year … Read more

Warning from UN over rise in diseases jumping from animals to humans like Covid-19

Viruses jumping from animals to humans are becoming more common, the United Nations has warned. The UN’s environmental branch revealed that the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 — the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 — came as no surprise. In a report, they said the pandemic was ‘highly predictable’ because human behaviour, including intense farming for meat, has … Read more

Russia threatens ‘retaliatory measures’ after Dominic Raab issued sanctions

Russia has threatened to retaliate against the UK after Dominic Raab unveiled the government’s new sanction regime against the ‘very worst human rights abuses’, which includes 25 Russian officials.  The Foreign Secretary today warned despots, dictators and their henchmen they will no longer be able to buy property in the UK or ‘siphon dirty money through British … Read more